All students must register for classes during the periods announced in the official University Academic Calendar. Students who fail to register will not be permitted to attend classes, and their names will not appear on official class lists. BisonWeb is the official self-service portal that all students will use to register for their courses each semester. Directions on how to register are available on the Office of the Registrar webpage at 

Priority Registration 

During the fall and spring semester registration periods eligible students are permitted to register for courses four days earlier than the general population. Participant lists are provided by each program/office prior to the start of the registration period. Once the priority registration period has ended, students must register based on their classification as outlined in the General Registration notice. Priority registration is offered to the following student groups: 

•Honor students 

•Student Athletes 

•Veteran & Service Members 

•ROTC Cadets 

•Students with Accommodations 

General Registration 

General registration for each semester will commence on the stated dates in the University Academic calendar for all eligible currently enrolled students based on their student classification. Students are urged to register for classes as soon as possible. We also encourage students to take advantage of prompt registration, which includes the following benefits: 

  • Students have the opportunity to register for the classes they want before these classes reach their capacity. 

  • Students who have jobs or internships are able to select classes that work with their outside schedules. 

  • Students are able to select classes taught by their professors of preference. 

  • Students gain access to classes that are only offered in certain semesters. 

  • Students are able to register for all the classes they need to stay on track for graduation! 


BisonWeb is available for registration from 9 a.m. to midnight each day.  


For further information about registration please visit the Office of the Registrar webpage at