Bison One Card - Photo Identification Cards

Bison One Card 

The Bison One Card is the official Howard University ID card for active or registered students, faculty, staff, contractors, and summer program participants. 

There is no charge for an initial card for students, faculty, staff, and contractors. 

As a new student, when picking up your initial Bison One Card, you are required to bring a valid US gov't issued ID or a valid Passport. 

As a Student Employee your primary role is Student, you will not receive a title of Faculty, Staff, Contractor, or Temporary on your Bison One Card. 

Office Information 

iLab Building 

Lobby Level (Bryant Street Entrance) 
2301 Georgia Ave NW 
Washington, DC 20059 

Phone: 202-806-2109 

Monday – Friday 
9 am - 5 pm  
Excluding observed holidays (academic calendar


Photos submitted to the Bison One Card Office become the property of Howard University, will be used for official and administrative purposes only, and are not returned. 

The Bison One Card is the property of Howard University and is governed by the rules and regulations set forth by the Howard University. 

The Bison One Card is not transferable, must not be used by anyone other than the issued cardholder, and must be carried while on Howard University property.