AFRO 005 : Intro Afro-American Studies I

Examines the multidimensional aspects of the African (Black) American experience in the U.S.A. The material describes the problems encountered and strategies employed by African (Black) Americans in the transition from slavery to their status in America. It is organized to focus on the social, cultural, economic, political, and legal forces encountered by African (Black) Americans as they attempted to elevate their standard of living and social status. Special emphasis will be placed on the African (Black) Americans’ struggle for basic civil and human rights, freedom, self- respect and identity, equality, political power and acceptance into mainstream America, the great migration from the rural South to the Urban areas in the North and West, the fight for desegregation and employment opportunities and the establishment of social, religious, and economic organizations in the United States of America.

Essential Learning Outcomes


COAS-Social Sciences Course 
COAS-General Intro-Level/Survey Course
COAS-African Diasporic Cluster Requirement



Afro-American Studies